Here’s to 2017: A Banner Year for Trendline Interactive

Hannah Wilson

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The finish line is in sight for 2017, and it has a been a year of steady gains and highlights all the way through.

We’re pleased to announce that our agency has enjoyed sustained growth through the year, leading to a 40% increase in revenue over 2016. We’re proud to boast about that figure because it represents a year’s worth of strong performances by our teams and a track record of impactful service to our clients.

But it also justifies our initial strategy which was to put our efforts into building a scalable business. Seven years ago, when we took the great leap of faith and created Trendline, we chose to focus our time and energy on developing workable processes, implementing systems that can scale as we grow, on onboarding new employees and setting up effective training programs.

We didn’t set out to do great work for just one or two clients. We set out to build an organization that develops and grows email programs for a broad range of Enterprise clients.

Although many members of our leadership team are individual thought leaders in email and marketing, we decided to let our work speak for itself on behalf of the agency. This paid off in 2017 with recognition from inside the email industry and beyond for doing great work – and that’s the best kind of promotion.

Below are some of the achievements we’re most proud of over the last 12 months:


Besides growing revenue, we also added 20 new employees to our team this year, especially in account management, solutions consulting, and analytics. The Trendline family is now 65+ strong.

These new hires reflect both our overall growth and our increased focus on advanced analytic solutions. Trendline has invested in people and solutions that measure program health at the individual level, at who’s engaging and how they’re engaging. This gives us greater insights into how we can appeal more effectively to inactive or lesser-engaged customers. It also helps our clients drive more value, with less wasted effort, from their email programs.


Trendline won awards from two major industry groups for our work on behalf of our clients.

Marketer Quarterly Awards

  • Best Newsletter – Association for AARP
  • Best Subject Line – Association for AARP
  • Best Welcome Email/Email Series – Association for AARP
  • Best Use of Triggered Email – Association for AARP
  • Best Newsletter – Health Services for Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Best Use of Triggered Email – Entertainment for Live Nation

Marcom Awards

  • Gold award E-Blast for Under Armour (“MapMyRun New Year Welcome”)
  • Gold award E-Newsletter for AARP (“Travel Newsletter”)
  • Platinum award E-Magazine for AARP (“The Girlfriend”)
  • Platinum award E-Magazine for AARP (“Disrupt Aging”)


In addition, Trendline also participated in The Email Marketing Agency Buyer’s Guide 2017, published by The Relevancy Group, and walked away  with a total of eight (8) Customer Satisfaction Awards

  • Gold (5) in Account Management, Creative, Production, Strategy, Technical and Customer Support.
  • Silver (3) awards were in Analytics, Technical Services, and Educational Resources.

Besides our revenue growth and new employees, who added skills and capabilities to our roster of services, Trendline also brought aboard an impressive set of new clients. Among the brands that joined the Trendline family were La Quinta Inns & Suites, Gannett, WebMD, Under Armour and Boncom.


As power users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Trendline was the go-to resource when Salesforce wanted to publish a guide in the respected Dummies series – which, despite the name, has content for everyone from newbies to seasoned pros. Authored by Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts Chester Bullock (Salesforce MVP) and Mark Pollard, the book got an enthusiastic reception when it was launched at Dreamforce early in November.

We’re proud of the work Chester and Mark did because it highlights the caliber of our Solutions Consulting team. It’s a great read, too. There’s more on the book in this blog post (plus a discount to get your own copy).


As I write this, it occurs to me that 2017 has been like a coming-out party for Trendline. We have been building the business, developing strong relationships with clients and doing great work together for seven years. Now the time is right to come out and tell our story, highlight the work we’ve done, and recognize our team for their expertise and professionalism.

We were invited to speak at several high-profile industry events on the topics that drive us every day. Last May, as a keynote speaker at the Email Innovation Summit in Las Vegas, I spoke on the need for and challenges of innovation within organizations.

I also moderated a panel, “Email and The Single Point of Truth,” at MediaPost’s Email Insiders Summit earlier in December (watch the video). It was a pleasure to share thoughts and philosophies on better and more effective ways to use email and how to meet the challenges that marketers struggle with for the role and identity of email in a company.



The theme we’re carrying into the next 12 months is this: We’ve built a solid foundation for Trendline, but we are just getting started.

We will continue to invest heavily in analytics so that we can give our clients deep insights into what’s going on in their email programs and to be able to test more, learn more and improve our clients’ programs every day. We have also invested heavily in processes and quality control, that allows us to execute on new ideas quickly and effectively.

That’s our approach to innovation: getting better insights so we can come up with better hypotheses. Better hypotheses help us identify what to test so we can grow better email programs.

At Trendline, we have a group of amazingly talented people. Those talents are best realized when trying new things and figuring out how to help clients engage their subscribers better.

It’s not that we have one or two surefire tricks up our sleeves. Tricks become passé. Fads come and go. A solid framework for testing and innovation allows us to improve consistently over time and will serve us well for years to come.

Our focus on email excellence, measurement and efficiency allow us to identify new ideas regularly and test them quickly and effectively. That, in turn, helps us drive better results for our clients – and that’s what our business is all about.

– Trendline CEO, Morgan Stewart

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