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Solving martech: Finding the right email technology platform in a confusing landscape

Alex Williams

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As an email-centric marketing leader, if you’re frustrated with your current marketing technology stack, you certainly aren’t alone.

The sheer magnitude of the technology landscape today contributes to this confusion. The technology landscape is crowded with emerging platforms, legacy technology solutions evolving to stay competitive, and new entrants to the marketplace.

This creates a noisy marketplace instead of an organized collection of opportunities that encourage thoughtful consideration. Shopping for best-fit technology becomes a long and often daunting process.

Read Trendline’s latest white paper to help you navigate the current technology landscape, and the steps you should take if you’re looking for a new ESP, better-utilizing your current one, and/or configuring your technology as your business grows.

Content overview:

Part 1: Begin with your philosophy

  • Why you need one
  • 3 factors that define your philosophy
  • Assess you current state martech

Part 2: Evaluating email platforms

  • 4 categories
    • Mid-market and enterprise providers
    • Developer friendly providers
    • Lead nurturing and marketing automations providers
    • Self-service providers

Part 3: 3 paths forward

  • Switch, configure tech, operational enhancements
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