Create a Powerful List-Building Strategy

Trendline will ensure you get maximum returns on your email address acquisition investment.

Email acquisition strategies that maximize customer engagement

Gain a deep understanding of your audience and ideal subscriber to provide a full view of the subscriber experience

Tailor acquisition strategies that nurture prospects, convert leads, and create an unforgettable email subscriber experience

Ensure that your paid sources are vetted, and that they provide high quality addresses

Create cohesive and automated processes to meet KPIs while testing to ensure continued efficiency and optimization

Competitive Advantages

Strategic Email Acquisition

Trendline believes that effective email marketing starts with a solid acquisition strategy that relies on preparation, analysis, and continuous improvement. Our lead generation and acquisition experts bring creativity, innovation, insight, and ongoing analysis to every engagement.

Holistic Subscriber Experiences

Do you have a full picture of your ideal subscriber experience? We’ll help you fully understand your audience by analyzing key segments to determine whether your best subscribers’ activity as customers lines up with their subscriber engagement.

Analytics Assessment

Trendline develops cohesive and automated ways to extract data from all available sources to identify and track KPIs. We also help optimize resource spending and identify areas that need to be reprioritized, refocused or rejected.

Detailed Discovery

Our approach to email acquisition and lead generation is built on strategy over tactics; through our detailed discovery process, we’ll walk through your entire prospect or customer opt-in process and identify any elements that provide anything less than a great subscriber experience.

Why Trendline

We maximize your email acquisition investment


Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

Andrew Kordek

Andrew is Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at Trendline Interactive. As a recognized email industry thought leader and advocate for responsible email marketing, Andrew leads the Strategy and Analytics team and focuses on maximizing subscriber experiences and increasing revenue for every client. Andrew is an avid blogger, frequent speaker, and contributor to the email community, and he is always staying up-to-date on the latest advancements shaping the industry. To learn more about our strategic approach to email acquisition including list growth strategies, acquisition methods, lead quality, lead costs, and email verification Contact Us.

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