Mastering Data, Generating Insights, Driving Brand Loyalty

Our Analytics Team provides powerful insights about your subscribers that need to be leveraged across your email program to drive brand loyalty and business growth.

Customizable reporting identifies your most valuable opportunities

Standard reports or custom queries built to your specifications and that run on demand

Quick connections to your company’s data stacks, with the ability to integrate new data sources within minutes

Standardized data processes to load, transform, and provide structure to aid in assessment

Advanced data segmentation capabilities for each email list, such as distribution by state, store, region, email type, behavior segment, and more

Competitive Advantages

Live Email Reports

Trendline creates and exports live, customized email program reports based on email metrics, heat maps, and tests to provide an in-depth look at overall performance.

Holistic Data Assessments

Rather than looking at each data source in a vacuum, we’ll help you leverage data from a wide range of sources; Web Analytics, E-commerce, CRM, and your ESP to provide a full view of performance to inform your strategy.

Cost Effective Analysis

By leveraging cutting-edge cloud-based reporting, we limit the traditional overhead associated with large analytic implementations, allowing us to develop enterprise business intelligence solutions at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

Self-Service Dashboards

Trendline delivers Self-Service Dashboards as a standard feature included with the implementation of our Email Performance Engine. This provides a user-friendly method for monitoring email program progress, results, and reports in real-time.

Why Trendline

We drive insights and value for your email marketing program.


Analytics Supervisor

Sara Sam

Sara is the Analytics Supervisor at Trendline Interactive, and boasts 8 years of analysis experience (3 years focused on email marketing) interpreting data related to marketing programs for both B2C and B2B audiences. She has been responsible for extracting insights from high-level campaigns down to detailed customer segment analyses and has focused on the design and setup of complex email tests to ensure accurate and actionable insights used to improve the efficiency and efficacy of customer journeys. To learn more about our approach to analytics and insights including data access, data integration, real-time reporting dashboards, measurement, insights, and optimization Contact Us.

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