Strategic and Innovative Creative Solutions

As a high-touch agency, we work with clients to develop strategic, insightful, and engaging creative solutions.

We deliver excellence in creative strategy, ideas, and subscriber experiences.

A deep understanding of your brand’s graphic standards and guidelines as well as program objectives and goals

Creative development for new programs or ad hoc specialized campaigns

Responsive and innovative design that drives engagement with your customers

Industry-leading tools for streamlined processes and enhanced collaboration

Competitive Advantages

Consultative Approach

Creative Services meets with every new client to fully understand your program goals, your brand, your audience, and your approach. We leverage tools such as Workfront and InVision to easily communicate, gather feedback, and move projects forward in a responsive and seamless way.

Scalable Creative

We build your creative from the ground up, on an ad hoc basis, or through a bespoke Master Template System that delivers remarkable efficiencies by enabling quick turnarounds. We likewise customize our templates to match your established program, ensuring brand alignment via your style guide and editorial standards.

Long-Term Relationships

Trendline believes in the value of dedicated, long-term partnerships for achieving results. In service of this goal, we structure each team by client to ensure continuity and consistency and deliver value based on long term exposure to your brand and the inner workings of your program.

Strategic Partnerships

Trendline leads the industry in creative and technical innovation by collaborating with partners such as OneSpot, LiveClicker, and Litmus. We also stay on top of the latest email client updates to ensure that subscribers experience emails exactly the way they were designed.

Why Trendline

We create engaging subscriber experiences that drive loyalty


Creative Director

Andrea Campbell

Michigan native Andrea Campbell is the Creative Director at Trendline Interactive. Prior to this, Andrea spent most of her career in retail email marketing and digital design at Borders Group, Inc., Chico’s FAS, as well as in UGC design at Bazaarvoice, Inc. A proponent of introverts in leadership, Andrea enjoys having conversations about design, content, and copy, all in service of creating the most innovative creative strategies for her clients. To learn more about our creative approach to email marketing excellence including design, HTML, content, messaging, and template systems Contact Us.

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