Optimize and Standardize Your Email Operations

We believe that everything we do boils down to our larger goal of delivering world-class results for our clients. Our Email Operations Team is focused on learning your program inside and out and is driven to maximize the value of your email program investment.

Seamless and efficient email production

High-quality and error-free email production services

Seamless onboarding with an in-depth discovery process that enables us to learn your program inside and out

Streamlined processes and optimized workflows that deliver executional excellence

Ongoing efficiencies and program improvements guided by a partnership approach and continual learning

Competitive Advantages

Operational Efficiency

Successful email marketing begins with operational efficiency. Our job is to ensure operational excellence to save time, resources, and effort that can be redirected towards growing your program and driving value within your organization.

In-Depth Discovery

During our in-depth discovery phase we learn every detail of your email marketing program including your process, which we look to dovetail to ensure we hit the ground running from day one.

Cutting-Edge Tools

We use cutting-edge tools to ensure flawless and efficient execution. If your program needs a deeper assessment, we’ll leverage our Master Template System with your ESP to immediately improve quality, consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Quality Assurance

Our QA processes are designed to eliminate bias, guarantee accuracy, and accelerate email testing while keeping email program error rates close to zero. Learn more about Quality Assurance.

Why Trendline

We deliver optimized workflows and standardized best-in-class email program processes


Vice President Email Operations

Molly Privratsky

As VP Operations at Trendline Interactive, Molly leads the agency in delivering on its mission to produce great email campaigns. She owns and optimizes workflows and processes, and facilitates cross-departmental collaboration to ensure faultless and efficient execution. (In 2017, 99.68% of emails executed by Trendline were error-free.) To learn more about our approach to Email Operations and Email Marketing Excellence Contact Us.

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