Invest In Initiatives That Yield Long-Term Results

Our goal is to enhance the quality of your program by significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. We do this by identifying which initiatives have the best potential for long-term results.

Repeatable and scalable operations that maximize your program’s potential

Deep-dive operational analyses that uncover areas for improved efficiencies

Holistic people-process-product-technology perspective of email programs

Recommendations for measuring the effectiveness of growth drivers, processes, and innovations

Competitive Advantages

Analysis of Internal Resources

We highlight discrepancies or deficiencies that may exist in your program from a personnel perspective. We’ll also examine how your teams are structured and identify strategies to reduce duplicative work in an effort to drive efficiency and ensure scalability.

Process Optimization

Trendline examines every step required for you to get an email out the door and ensures that all processes are optimized. We’ll highlight anything that may be lacking from an operational standpoint that could prevent you from maximizing your program’s potential.

Campaign Assessment

We continually look at new ways to improve email campaign accuracy to reduce cost and increase efficiency. We’ll also make recommendations in other areas on how to free up your bandwidth and increase your resources for ongoing program innovation.

Why Trendline

We drive email marketing operational excellence

Brandi Awbrey

Operations Consultant

Brandi Awbrey

Brandi Awbrey is an Operations Consultant at Trendline Interactive and a problem-solver to the core. Her speciality is helping clients pursue operational excellence in support of their strategic email program goals. She works with clients and internal teams to transform email operations through optimal integration of people, processes, and product on both the agency and client sides. To learn more about our approach to Email Operations including process audits, tool and resource evaluations, and program scale Contact Us.

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