Rigorous QA and High-Quality Execution

Our goal is to continually drive efficiency in our QA process with our internal best-in-class standardized approach that eliminates bias, leverages automation, and helps accelerate email testing while keeping error rates close to zero.

Built-in QA through a combination of standardized workflows, process automation, and the all important element of the human eye

Solidify and standardize checks to ensure every email matches all documentation, renders correctly, is functional, structurally sound, and error-free, thus matching what the client considers an ideal state

Render check in a host of environments based on not only industry standards but also Trendline’s best-in-class standards

Ensure deployment emails are set up correctly—automations, journeys, trigger emails, and everything in between

Dedicate a client point person versed in specialized brand-specific nuances to ensure brand compliance

Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive QA

Trendline’s rigorous QA process reviews everything from content and spelling to tracking codes, links, images, interactive elements such as gifs and carousels, and whether the email renders correctly across multiple devices and different environments.

Cross-Platform Testing

Trendline uses a variety of tools including Litmus and live dummy environments for creative rendering and email device testing. We maintain an internal "testing lab" consisting of approximately 20 different mobile devices to test advanced functionality and to double-check any discrepancies.

Process Automation

We locate opportunities for process automation and leverage your ESP to improve efficiency, production agility, and turnaround times wherever possible.

Dedicated Teams

While our Quality Assurance team is cross-trained to work collaboratively across our client base, for each project, we assign dedicated representatives who are versed in the nuances and specialized needs of each of our clients' programs.

Why Trendline

Our Quality Assurance specialists guarantee accuracy and consistency


Manager QA

Sophie Schweitzer

Sophie Schweitzer leads the Quality Assurance department at Trendline Interactive. Highly detail-oriented, Sophie found her niche at Trendline when she realized her skills could be utilized to help Trendline maintain it's reputation for high quality work. Sophie and her department ensure that error-free email programs are delivered to all of Trendline’s clients and that the company Error-Free Rate remains above 99%.

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