Company Updates


Our migration is now largely complete and you can log back in to our core systems. Please read and follow the instructions below on how to proceed:

  1. Laptop login – You should be able to login normally. However if you get a “user not authorized” error or an error from Google you should click through to the Mosyle screen and logon with your username (without the and Google password.
  2. Mobile Devices – Everything should continue to be working as before. If prompted, login with the appropriate credentials for the tool you’re using.
  3. Google/Gmail – Log in to your Google Workspace account with your Shift Paradigm email address and your existing password.
  4. Slack – You will have a “rebinding” email from Slack in your Inbox. You must click on this from your laptop for your first sign in, in order to connect your address with your existing Slack account.
  5. Workfront – Log in via SSO through the Google waffle menu (clients and contractors will now log in at

There are notes below on accessing a variety of other systems. If you encounter any difficulties and are able to access either Slack or Workfront, reach out to the Service Desk as usual. If you can access email but not Slack or Workfront: Send an email to If you can’t access any systems, call for IT support:

  • Legacy TLI: contact MyITPRos by calling 512-472-6000
  • Legacy LMD: contact Technologyville by calling: 815-880-8324

Here are instructions for other systems:

  1. Zoom – You will need to activate the new email address by signing in with the new email address and existing password.
  2. JazzHR – Users will get a new invitation to the new JazzHR on 11/15 (you will lose access to old JazzHR on Friday 11/12).
  3. ZoomInfo/Chorus – You should have received an email with instructions to reset your password that is associated with your new Shift Paradigm account.
  4. Adobe – You will need to sign in with your Shift Paradigm email address. You should have received an email with specific instructions.
  5. InVision – You will need to update your email address. Instructions are here. (To do this, enter your Trendline email address as username, and reset your password to log in. Then follow the instructions to update your email address.) Note: All document links that have been shared externally will stop working. You will need to create a new link to any documents that are shared externally and share the updated URL with external parties.
  6. Salesforce – you should have received an email with the subject line of “Finish changing your Salesforce account’s email address”. Click on the link in this email immediately. (Note: updating your email address does not change your login credentials – you will continue to log in with your old email address/password.)
    Logging in: If your current SFDC login URL is, use going forward.
  7. Salesloft – No change to login, you should update your email signature.
  8. Tallie – Check your email for instructions on configuring your account with your email address
  9. LucidChart – Login with your new @shiftparadigm account and your existing password
  10. Smartsheets – Check your email for instructions
  11. OpenVPN – Sign in with your @shiftparadigm email and existing password.

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