How to Overcome Key Email Marketing Challenges

All great email marketing programs must be customer-centric, data-driven, and performance-led. As an email innovator, what are you doing to stay ahead of the competition? How are you harnessing the power of email to support Digital Transformation in your organization? As you’ve probably discovered, delivering great email marketing is fraught with challenges. Fortunately, with the right expertise, tools, and resources, you can overcome the key challenges that email marketers face today.

Here are the five most pressing challenges email marketers must overcome to build successful email campaigns to achieve email marketing excellence.

1. Email Personalization 

If you want to increase your email marketing program’s ROI, make your content personal. “Personalization” can be a loaded term in the email industry. For some, it means using a contact’s first name in the subject line. For others, it can mean providing highly relevant content based on insights from demographic, psychographic, and attitudinal data points that cater to individual needs and behaviors. Data is at the heart of all personalization. Email marketers must tap into critical data to connect with consumers in a way that’s focused, relevant, and, of course, personal.

The data challenge

Data Access
Personalization is often easier said than done. Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

  • I need more money and resources to implement personalization.
  • I have to wait for weeks while other departments pull data for me.
  • I need access to better, more reliable, real-time data to make my campaigns more focused.
  • I lack the technical know-how to actually implement personalization.

Data and personalization don’t have to haunt your marketing dreams. Personalized emails can drive positive consumer behavior, brand loyalty, and business growth. Embrace data to gather powerful insights about your audience.

Solving personalization woes

However, personalization isn’t a strategy. It should be part of a holistic, data-centric approach. Email marketers can overcome data demons by:

  • Gathering data from a wide variety of sources for a complete picture of their customers.
  • Tailoring and segmenting content to drive revenue.

If you lack the technical skills or resources to access and use your existing data, that’s okay. Consider partnering with a specialized email marketing agency to get the results you need. A trusted partner will free up time for you to focus on other priorities and ways to grow your program. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with an email marketing agency in this white paper.

Our Approach to Strategy

2. Process, Operations, Tools, and Resources

It seems like there’s a newer, better, shinier email marketing tool on the market every day. Great email marketers should always be on the lookout for tools and processes that drive operational efficiencies. When email marketers implement processes correctly, they buy themselves more time to innovate, test, and optimize to achieve a better ROI.

Process reigns supreme

The sweet spot lies in pairing the right tools with the correct internal processes. Not only do marketers have to find high-quality tools, but sift through to find the resources that work best for their company. The options can be paralyzing. However, email marketers have to choose wisely. The best tools and processes enable marketing teams to:

Not through tools alone

New tools are only half of the equation. After working with many email marketers, we’ve come to realize that foundational efficiency is what helps achieve email marketing goals, not just tools. Email marketing excellence is built on operational excellence. If you don’t document, standardize, and streamline workflows, how can you grow your email marketing program? Before investing in tools, you need to ensure you’re set up for excellence from an operational standpoint. This will improve email marketing quality, consistency, and efficiency as you scale effortlessly.

You need objective, experienced support

Successful email marketing begins with operational efficiency. Trendline Interactive works with you from an operations standpoint to save time and resources. We help you get the most out of your tools, by developing a workflow that makes the most sense for your organization. Thanks to optimized workflows, standardized processes, and a Master Template System that works with your ESP, we can immediately improve the quality, consistency, and efficiency of your email program.

Don’t go it alone. Partner with an objective email marketing expert to reach your full potential. 

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3. Choosing The Right ESP

Your email service provider, or ESP, is one of the most essential tools for email marketing success. The right ESP can be the difference between bringing your program to life or paralyzing yourself with functionality, technology, or platform understanding challenges. Marketers need to have the ability and expertise to get the most out of their ESP—which is no small feat. Make the right choice for your program.

Does your ESP actually work for you?

Many email marketers struggle to find the right ESP for their needs, asking:

  • Am I getting the most out of my current ESP?
  • Am I an expert on this platform?
  • How do I compare my ESP to other ESPs?
  • Do I need more than one ESP?

Unfortunately, too often marketers are oversold on marketing automation and ESPs. Although ESPs want you to believe they offer every feature under the sun, it’s just not that simple.

Mastering your ESP

Email marketing teams are usually small, and these in-house teams don’t always have the technical know-how to fully optimize an ESP. However, true email marketing excellence requires mastering your chosen platform for ROI. Master your ESP by:

  • Increasing your technical knowledge quickly by partnering with an experienced email marketing agency.
  • Drawing on a range of cutting-edge tools to give your subscribers an amazing experience.
  • Evaluating your email program, have clearly stated goals, and then choose the right ESP for your business.

Don’t invest your resources and time into the wrong ESP. Partner with Trendline Interactive to choose the right ESP that will deliver on your specific objectives and goals. Find out more about our Email Platform Experts and Solutions Consultants.

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4. Email Creative

Email marketers want creative that looks amazing on every device. Marketers look for both form and function to give subscribers the best experience possible. However, email creative is no walk in the park. Have you ever wondered:

  • How to write effective email and landing page copy—that actually works?
  • How to save more time building email creative?
  • How to design responsive HTML emails?
Overcoming email creative hurdles

Email marketing excellence requires thoughtful and responsive design, as well as relevant content that engages your customers. Fortunately, email marketers can overcome email creative headaches by:

  • Creating flexible templates to streamline execution time.
  • Automating and segmenting audience data and creative.
  • Delivering dynamic content that actually drives engagement, increasing your ROI and decreasing time spent on execution.

You don’t have the time to fret over borders and images for every email. Trendline Interactive can do all the heavy lifting by designing smart, effective creative that engages your subscribers. 

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5. Email Strategy

Implementing the right tactics are an important part of achieving your goal. But too often email marketers go to tactics first, without considering the overall strategy. Some tactics work in the short term, but more often than not, you’ll end up with a scattershot approach that doesn’t yield repeatable results. Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

  • I wish I knew the revenue generated per email send.
  • I’d like to know the Lifetime Value of a Subscriber
  • What is my cost per customer conversion?
  • I need help turning my email program into a predictable source of revenue.
Strategy is your secret sauce

However, strategy does give consistent results. Being able to articulate what you’re trying to accomplish with your email marketing is key to your strategy. Once you’ve clarified your strategy, then it’s time to create specific, defined tactics that will drive consistent growth over time. An effective email strategy takes the following into consideration:

  • Understanding consumer behavior.
  • Segmenting lists with intention.
  • Messaging, flow, and cadence.
  • Streamlining operations and process.
  • Using analytics, tools, and insights to optimize email marketing campaigns.
Why accept less than email marketing excellence?

Many email marketers struggle to embrace a strategic mindset over a tactical mindset. But it’s this focus on short-term strategy that lowers your ROI. You can find strategic assistance through trusted partners like Trendline Interactive. We’ll help you identify your metrics and build an email strategy that delivers against your business goals.

Trendline will help you:

  • Leverage sophisticated automation.
  • Segment your audience with smart data practices.
  • Build dynamic content.
  • Drive engagement and value for your organization.

Move beyond “batch and blast,” get beyond technology paralysis and evolve your program into something truly remarkable.

Our Strategic Approach

Turn pain points into email marketing opportunities

Every challenge is a new opportunity. Instead of succumbing to these email marketing hurdles, tackle them head-on. Trendline Interactive has partnered with dozens of organizations just like yours to create world-class email programs. Organizations that tried to take their program to the next level, but came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t that easy. Organizations that realized they needed expert help from people who were immersed in email strategy, platform technology, HTML creative, and email production. We know it can be hard to overcome challenges in email marketing. That’s why you need someone who’s been there, done it and continues to. 

Are you ready to start on your road to email marketing success?

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