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Revenue Per Email Acquisition Source

Due to the time constraints inherent in running an email program, getting questions answered in a timely fashion often proves difficult, if not impossible. Email marketers work with a variety of people, both internally and externally, to create campaigns and programs to acquire and onboard new subscribers. With so many people involved — each with... Read more »

The Welcome Email Is Dead! Enter The Behavioral Driven On-Boarding Program

  My colleague Loren McDonald wrote an article in June on Welcome Email Programs that should move beyond the typical solo welcome email to include a series of emails that would involve brand awareness and sales oriented messaging triggered over time, effectively replacing the traditional welcome email currently in production at most companies. Loren was spot on... Read more »

Leveraging Social Media for Email Acquisition – 3 Simple Tips

Nearly every email conference, white paper, blog post and webcast today is focused in some part on the use/leveraging the power of social media. Social CRM scares the heck out of marketers and its especially true when you start talking about the ability to integrate your social strategy with your email marketing efforts. Flip the... Read more »

Just because its legal…

I was in a well know home furnishings store over the weekend with my wife. As we were checking out, the clerk turned to me with a nice smile and said “Would you like to sign up for our email list to receive special promotions in your inbox”. In my mind I said “hell ya”... Read more »