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How The Daily Deals “Fading” Business Model Affects Email Marketing

The daily deals business model is in trouble and many people are claiming that their doomsday predictions of 1 or 2 years ago are now coming true.  Last week Groupon reported another quarter of disappointing earnings and while the other daily deal companies are not disclosing anything, my assumption is that they are dealing with... Read more »

Don’t be Reactive with Inactive Subscribers, be Proactive

Proactive with Inactive Email Subscribers
  There has been a ton of chatter lately around messaging to inactive subscribers on your mailing list and this post is not about starting to do so or how to do it right. To me, there is no one size fits all re-engagement tactic or strategy. Re-engagement campaigns are customized and need to be... Read more »

Now is the time to increase volume…..some email ideas.

As we slowly drive into the Holiday season, many companies are putting the finishing touches on their Holiday campaign schedules and themes.  One thing that most eTailers do during this time of year is dramatically increase their cadence to their subscribers beginning with Black Friday and  ending sometime in the New Year.  Subscribers expect it... Read more »

An Email Savasana from lululemon

If you have an issue, fix it. If you are making improvements for a better customer experience, tell them.  If you are increasing your email cadence, tell them. If you are reducing cadence or going on an email hiatus, why not tell them? Its a simple concept everyone, communication with your subscribers is key.  I... Read more »

Setting Expectations For The Holidays.

As we fast approach the holiday season, organizations are in the midst of planning out their Holiday email campaigns and will no doubt increase their cadence.  Some will increase 2x to 3x while some will increase 4x to 5x in order to hit their revenue targets for the year. One thing I have always talked... Read more »