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The Real Challenges of Responsive Email Design

*This is an updated repost of one of our most popular blog entries, originally published in 2013. As this information is still highly relevant and valuable to those looking to understand email design challenges, requirements, and solutions regarding responsive design, we wanted to share it again. Enjoy.   For us folks who have been in... Read more »

Three Standout Subject Lines (and More!) from My Inbox This Weekend

My inbox this past weekend was an interesting one.  It had 3 standout subject lines and one very compelling, well messaged piece of creative. Tastefully Suggestive Tasting Table was able to use a rather suggestive and well know saying to push an article about our love for skewering meals.  It caught my attention not only for its... Read more »

Don’t be Reactive with Inactive Subscribers, be Proactive

Proactive with Inactive Email Subscribers
  There has been a ton of chatter lately around messaging to inactive subscribers on your mailing list and this post is not about starting to do so or how to do it right. To me, there is no one size fits all re-engagement tactic or strategy. Re-engagement campaigns are customized and need to be... Read more »

The October Trendie goes too….

Over the last 13-15 months, many brands have been sending emails to build fans and followers in the social channels.  Social Experts and studies have confirmed that just because you have a large fan or follower base does not guarantee loyalty or even consistent brand awareness. Companies have sent and continue to send dedicated emails... Read more »

The May Trendie – Grab Your Shorts

Buying underwear for some people is not a sexy thing.  For some women, I am sure its a fun thing to do, but for most men its like shaving or brushing your teeth…a necessity, unless you are Captain Commando. Selling underwear can be sexy, but selling/offering it online has to be a little more difficult.... Read more »

Integrating Social Awareness Into Email

As most of you are aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have seen numerous campaigns from the local events to NFL players showing their support on the field. Since email marketing tends to be such a highly visible and profitable medium, you don’t see many companies dedicate an entire email to raising... Read more »