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Back to the Basics: The Welcome Email

Back To the Basics: The Welcome Email
  There are 3 key elements in email marketing that have to be done right or you immediately run the risk of setting a bad tone for the rest of your email program. Your brand must have permission to send emails to your subscribers. Make sure that the process for them to give you their... Read more »

Artificial Intelligence & Email Marketing – Part 1

Artificial Intelligence and Email Marketing - Part 1
  I recently read an article on how a major ESP was going to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) smarts to email marketing campaigns. As I read through the piece, I was both concerned and frustrated with what little it said about what this new technology actually meant for customers. The increased use of words like... Read more »

5 Things Every Email Marketer Should Know

  Some years ago, OK many years ago, I joined a custom publishing agency. My first week was one of deep orientation. During that week I was taken through the details of the publishing process. I was taught about the print process: the different types of printers, paper, and printing techniques; color processes, CMYK and... Read more »

Trendline Spotlight Featuring David Baker of Cordial

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about two companies that should be on every marketer’s radar, and it received a lot of interest from many of my industry colleagues. David Baker is one of the co-founders of Cordial and in my opinion is one of the smartest people in our industry. I had the... Read more »

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends of the Year (so far)

2014 has been an incredible year so far at Trendline. We are growing as an agency, and I am growing as an email marketer. While I’ve learned many things this year, I wanted to share with you the top 5 things (that I can discuss publicly) that have made me a better agency owner and... Read more »