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How To React Quickly In Email – Take It From Spirit Airlines

We preach relevancy.  We preach timeliness.  We preach content.  We preach humanization. We preach a lot.  Sometimes we see the fruits of our “preachy-ness” and sometimes not. Regardless of your political affiliations, this email from Spirit Airlines exemplifies the ability to connect relevant information (The Presidential Debates last night content) with timeliness.  Whether  you like... Read more »

A Triggered Message That Defines Relevancy

I absolutely love it when retailers get it right with relevancy.  We in the email industry always talk about become more relevant to the subscriber and the email below from Sears really captures the essence of being super targeted and ultra relative.  Let me explain why.  I live in Chicago and despite what you have... Read more »

An Email Savasana from lululemon

If you have an issue, fix it. If you are making improvements for a better customer experience, tell them.  If you are increasing your email cadence, tell them. If you are reducing cadence or going on an email hiatus, why not tell them? Its a simple concept everyone, communication with your subscribers is key.  I... Read more »