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The Trendies – Black Friday Winners: Part 2

Welcome back. In this multi-part series on email Trendie awards, part 2 will focus on the eccentric and head scratching emails I got on either Black Friday or shortly before.  As a caveat, I am not here to judge but only to ask why?  Why were some of these emails sent in the midst of... Read more »

The Trendies – Black Friday Winners: Part 1

Greetings my fellow email marketers and welcome to exciting times in email marketing. As a person who’s inbox was completely inundated over the last couple of days with early black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals, I thought it only proper that I highlight some of the best, most eccentric and downright interesting emails that I... Read more »

The October Trendie goes too….

Over the last 13-15 months, many brands have been sending emails to build fans and followers in the social channels.  Social Experts and studies have confirmed that just because you have a large fan or follower base does not guarantee loyalty or even consistent brand awareness. Companies have sent and continue to send dedicated emails... Read more »

The May Trendie – Grab Your Shorts

Buying underwear for some people is not a sexy thing.  For some women, I am sure its a fun thing to do, but for most men its like shaving or brushing your teeth…a necessity, unless you are Captain Commando. Selling underwear can be sexy, but selling/offering it online has to be a little more difficult.... Read more »

An Email Savasana from lululemon

If you have an issue, fix it. If you are making improvements for a better customer experience, tell them.  If you are increasing your email cadence, tell them. If you are reducing cadence or going on an email hiatus, why not tell them? Its a simple concept everyone, communication with your subscribers is key.  I... Read more »