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Why Don’t Email Re-engagement Campaigns Work All the Time?

Reengagement Campaigns
By now, you have certainly experienced the occasional “We Miss You”, “We Want You Back,” or “It’s been awhile” emails, either in your inbox or as a campaign specialist who has sent these to your un-engaged subscriber base. Everyone likes to ask: Do these sorts of emails work? Well, for some brands they do. Other... Read more »

Deep Thoughts in Email Marketing — May 2016 Edition

May not only brings flowers, but also deep thoughts about email marketing. Again. 1. It’s funny that something that was created in 1972 is still increasing in popularity today. You can’t say that about the Ford Falcon (XA). 2. An email marketer achieving “inbox zero” should either be shot or rewarded…not sure which. 3. According... Read more »

Deep Thoughts in Email Marketing — March 2016 Edition

Continuing the monthly tradition of providing you deep thoughts that will perhaps spawn a little laughter or a little chatter amongst the email brethren. Imagine a day where every single email marketer and every single spammer pressed the send button at the same time. I wonder if English teachers secretly want to grade the grammar... Read more »

5,720 Emails and a 99.74% Error-Free Rate

Trendline has been a strategic email-marketing agency since its inception in 2010. We have quietly grown over the years to more than 40 people, and 2015 was an incredible year. One area of tremendous growth in 2015 was the quantity of campaigns we sent. As an agency, we sent out 5,720 email campaigns for all... Read more »

It’s Award Season! Why Winning a Markie Is Important

As the deadline approaches for 2016 Markie award submissions (Feb 5), I thought it would be a good time to reflect upon why winning a Markie is so important. Markie awards are presented by Oracle to celebrate and recognize excellence in marketing. The winner in each category receives a beautiful statue to announce to the... Read more »

Two Things From My Inbox

Here are two things from my Inbox that I believe are share-worthy: Sent From My iPhone I subscribe to all of the potential presidential candidates’ email programs (so don’t think I am affiliated in any way with any candidate), and this one from Ted Cruz is interesting.  For those of us who work in email... Read more »

Content Is King. Now What?

If you’ve read anything about social media, permission-based marketing and/or Web 2.0, you’ve doubtless heard the maxim “Content is king.” And, if you work in any field other than marketing or publishing, your reaction to that adage is probably some variation of, “Great. What does that have to do with me and my business?” Content... Read more »

How To React Quickly In Email – Take It From Spirit Airlines

We preach relevancy.  We preach timeliness.  We preach content.  We preach humanization. We preach a lot.  Sometimes we see the fruits of our “preachy-ness” and sometimes not. Regardless of your political affiliations, this email from Spirit Airlines exemplifies the ability to connect relevant information (The Presidential Debates last night content) with timeliness.  Whether  you like... Read more »