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Why Don’t Email Re-engagement Campaigns Work All the Time?

Reengagement Campaigns
By now, you have certainly experienced the occasional “We Miss You”, “We Want You Back,” or “It’s been awhile” emails, either in your inbox or as a campaign specialist who has sent these to your un-engaged subscriber base. Everyone likes to ask: Do these sorts of emails work? Well, for some brands they do. Other... Read more »

Deep Thoughts in Email Marketing — March 2016 Edition

Continuing the monthly tradition of providing you deep thoughts that will perhaps spawn a little laughter or a little chatter amongst the email brethren. Imagine a day where every single email marketer and every single spammer pressed the send button at the same time. I wonder if English teachers secretly want to grade the grammar... Read more »

Seven Deep Thoughts On Email Marketing for February

I use to laugh when Jack Handey conveyed his deep thoughts on SNL. I keep a notebook full of my own deep thoughts that I’ve collected over the last 11 years. I would like to share a few of them with you. Perhaps some of them will spawn a discussion at the office or in... Read more »

Thinking like your subscriber

My kids are finally old enough so that I could take them to one of my favorite lunch places (Panera) instead of having to be stuck somewhere with a play area. When I got to the register, the cashier asked me if I wanted to join their just-launched loyalty club – MyPanera – where I... Read more »