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The Email Marketers Holiday Survival Guide

It’s here. If you are an email marketing newbie, welcome to hell for the next week month …43 days (or more). If you are an email marketing veteran….here we go again. Yes…you guessed it…it’s holiday time. Q4. End of the year. It’s a mad dash to the finish for some and a time where companies and their futures... Read more »

Now is the time to increase volume…..some email ideas.

As we slowly drive into the Holiday season, many companies are putting the finishing touches on their Holiday campaign schedules and themes.  One thing that most eTailers do during this time of year is dramatically increase their cadence to their subscribers beginning with Black Friday and  ending sometime in the New Year.  Subscribers expect it... Read more »

Setting Expectations For The Holidays.

As we fast approach the holiday season, organizations are in the midst of planning out their Holiday email campaigns and will no doubt increase their cadence.  Some will increase 2x to 3x while some will increase 4x to 5x in order to hit their revenue targets for the year. One thing I have always talked... Read more »