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Retention Programs Start With Defining An Inactive Subscriber

This is an updated repost of one of our most popular blog entries. As this information is still highly relevant and valuable to those looking to understand email design challenges, requirements, and solutions regarding responsive design, we wanted to share it again. Enjoy.   I have been reading a lot of posts recently on how... Read more »

Instead of saying no…..

I’m convinced that “no” is the most common word in the English language. Babies sometimes say it as their first word, and we use it consistently as we grow into adulthood. As a parent, I use it quite a bit, “No, you can’t get GTA5. You are too young, and I don’t care who has... Read more »

Let’s Talk Re-engagement Strategy (With A Slideshow)

Many email strategists and thought leaders will say that in order for an email program to be successful, organizations need to have relevant emails that drive conversion.  In fact, someone has probably come up with a list of all the email types that should be in production without really understanding the impact each one has,... Read more »

How The Daily Deals “Fading” Business Model Affects Email Marketing

The daily deals business model is in trouble and many people are claiming that their doomsday predictions of 1 or 2 years ago are now coming true.  Last week Groupon reported another quarter of disappointing earnings and while the other daily deal companies are not disclosing anything, my assumption is that they are dealing with... Read more »

“Tell A Friend” Email And The Lost Opportunity

All of us that are involved in the email industry know that running an email program is not easy.  Email pundits and those at an arms length are always clamoring at the brand side folks about ways to improve their program thru relevancy (for the record, I despise that term) lifecycle email and these other... Read more »

Re-Activation: As told by a playwright – PART 1

Cast of Characters: “The Company” – Tarmarteous “The Subscriber” – Mark It’s a wonderful sunny day somewhere in the United States and Mark has decided to sign up for Tarmarteous’ email program because he need to buy a XXX for his Mom’s birthday.  Mark is a 32 old male professional with a HH income of... Read more »