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How to Use Customer Testimonials and Social Proofs in Email

We received an interesting email the other day from Z Gallerie, a home décor and furniture retailer. It caught our eye because of the inclusion of several variations on the “customer testimonial” tactic. Though it does contain straight quotes, they appear to be pulled from Twitter and what looks like product reviews (either on Z... Read more »

Follow Me On Twitter…So Say You In That Email

If your brand is looking for new ways to promote your twitter presence in email, look no further than @CallawayGolf ‘s email and what they do towards the footer of their email. The key takeaways here: Make it more than just about your main twitter handle. Make it human by including the avatars of those... Read more »

Surviving College Without A Mobile Phone? Are You Kidding?

My time here at Trendline Interactive has been one of the most educational, challenging and enjoyable opportunities that I have engaged in during my college tenure. Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Neil Tanner, and I was brought on to the Trendline team as a research intern this summer . As... Read more »

The New Twitter Notification Email Is Not Optimized For Mobile

It appears as if Twitter changed the look and feel to their notification emails sometime around 12 noon central yesterday.  The design is a definite improvement in the desktop client as it add’s a more refined and sophisticated look to the notification.  However,  as I was winding down my day late last night and slogging... Read more »