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Trending Inbox: The Patagonia Brand Promise Delivered To The Inbox

Trending Inbox: The Patagonia Brand Promise Delivered to the Inbox
  A company’s brand promise is something that connects your product or service with your purpose, your positioning, your strategy, your people and more importantly your customer experience. Some brands do it well in certain channels and some brands don’t. Over the last 10 years, I have talked about ways to extend and execute your... Read more »

3 Tests to Perform on Your Email Program Now

3 Tests You Can Perform on Your Email Program Now
  To test is to learn, and for the last 15 years people have beaten the email testing drum so hard and so many times, that it’s a lot like having echolalia. In keeping with that beating drum of “test, test, test” here are 3 key tests to perform on your email programs today. If... Read more »

How The Daily Deals “Fading” Business Model Affects Email Marketing

The daily deals business model is in trouble and many people are claiming that their doomsday predictions of 1 or 2 years ago are now coming true.  Last week Groupon reported another quarter of disappointing earnings and while the other daily deal companies are not disclosing anything, my assumption is that they are dealing with... Read more »

The Follow Up Emails from @scoutmob…and yes they are good.

I posted the other week about the mobile welcome email that came from the company Scoutmob.  As you may recall, I was pretty impressed with their welcome email, but what has been more impressive was the follow up emails that I received from not opening up their app.  The emails are below and I believe... Read more »

You wanna know whats cool……this email from @scoutmob

Every once in awhile I run across some cool email and this one is no exception.  I have admired Scoutmob business direction and their email program for quite awhile now.  Recently, I downloaded their mobile app which appears to be a strategic play for Scoutmob since they really do have a killer app.  Like anything... Read more »