The Follow Up Emails from @scoutmob…and yes they are good.

I posted the other week about the mobile welcome email that came from the company Scoutmob.  As you may recall, I was pretty impressed with their welcome email, but what has been more impressive was the follow up emails that I received from not opening up their app.  The emails are below and I believe that they speak for themselves, but it seems to me that Scoutmob really really wants me to open up their app.  It also seems like they have the send timing down and their systematic approach to sending me these things leads me to believe that they understand they have a limited window of opportunity with people who download and never open their application to become a customer and use their service.  Its smart thinking IMHO and I wonder how many more they are going to send me.

If you have a mobile app and not a systematic way to follow up or encourage those to open it and use it, then my suggestion is that you take the lead from what Scoutmob is doing.  If you are interested in learning more or how we can help you create this series, let us know….this is right up our alley.

Email #2

Email #3

What are your thoughts to emails like this? Smart or annoying?


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