The New Twitter Notification Email Is Not Optimized For Mobile

It appears as if Twitter changed the look and feel to their notification emails sometime around 12 noon central yesterday.  The design is a definite improvement in the desktop client as it add’s a more refined and sophisticated look to the notification.  However,  as I was winding down my day late last night and slogging through all of my email on my iPhone, I noticed one crucial detail about the new Twitter notification that apparently was overlooked: the inability for the email to render properly on my mobile device.

Return Path just released a study the other day indicating that there has been 81% growth in email activity on mobile.  In fact, they reported that 16% of all readership on emails comes from mobile devices.  We have all heard endless statistics on the rise of mobile.  We have heard that 2011 is the year of the mobile device and in fact a close colleague of mine decided to abandon the email world to go strictly into mobile as he sees the huge potential in this space.  I think this is a classic example and reminder to everyone involved in email marketing that you NEED to check how your emails render in mobile devices.  Twitter users are a rare breed and I am sure that most of them are mobile like me, which begs the question that if Twitter  (a technology company) neglected to test this new look in mobile, what are YOU doing in your email program to ensure your emails look and feel the way they are meant too.  I believe that even the slightest change in the template warrants you to investigate how it renders, because the mobile landscape is changing so rapidly.  Check out the images below and as always, let me know what you think.


Old Template Desktop:


New Template on Desktop:

Old Template on iPhone 4:

New Template on iPhone 4:

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