Analytics & Insights

Digital marketing is, at its core, an iterative process. This makes every message an opportunity to learn and improve. Our Test & Learn approach combines services and technologies that allows us to measure your program’s performance, monitor your program’s health and uncover insights to inform next steps.

Performance Monitoring

By combining analytics services with reporting and monitoring technologies, we can aggregate, process, and visualize your program’s performance, so you can see what is and isn’t working. We monitor:

  • Campaign Performance
  • Subscriber Engagement
  • Content Engagement
  • Automation Monitoring
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • Data Visualization

RentPath now has a complete view of its deliverability and inbox placement, allowing the entire company to work constantly toward improving open, click, and conversion rates.”

Asher Amiel

Senior Email Technical Support Analyst, RentPath

Uncovering Insights

Analytics are the path to unlocking real, actionable insights. Our team will analyze your program’s performance data to look for the patterns in subscriber behavior, content engagement, offer performance and many other key metrics. We’ll then take those learnings to further optimize your engagement strategy via:

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Testing Plans
  • Segment Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Optimization

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