For over 10 years, we’ve been identifying, executing and measuring the ideas that create meaningful customer engagement and inspire action.

As a full-service marketing agency and consultancy, Trendline understands that our value starts with our people. Here you’ll find some of the brightest minds and kindest hearts in the industry – strategists, creatives, and technologists who understand not just the what, but the why and how as well.

So what does that really look like?

It starts with Culture

Our culture is defined by our people. At the core of Trendline’s success lies our demonstrated dedication to maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment, encouraging and celebrating professional growth, and promoting the health and well-being of our employees.

Culture is also a key factor in how we vet potential clients. We believe that picking the right clients plays just as big a role in our success (and theirs) as picking the right employees.

Founded on Values

Our values are our culture, but values only matter when they are truly valued. We hold each other to the highest standards, because we know attributes such as kindness, inclusiveness, and integrity only really mean anything when they are reflected in our actions. Otherwise, they're only as strong as the tape holding a "mission statement" poster up on the wall.

I. Ownership

Make decisions like an owner. Be bold. Help people. Own the choices you make and the results that follow.

II. Integrity

Do the right thing based on your experience and moral convictions - for your team, clients and yourself.

III. Collaboration

Lean on and support others. Our collective experience leads to better results than individual heroism.

IV. Innovation

Anticipate future needs. Foster learning and curiosity, then pursue ideas until they die or succeed.

V. Continuous Improvement

Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Quality is vital, but there is always a better way.

Supported by Leaders

When it comes to leadership, we’ve got a deep bench. Our execs have both a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that’s essentially unrivaled in the industry. We’re here to tackle any challenges your program may be facing — whether now or in the future — and partner with you on your journey to success.

Morgan Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Colleen Preisner

SVP, GM - Client Services

Michele Souder

SVP, GM - Service Delivery

Chris Arrendale

Chief Privacy Officer

Sarice Plate

SVP, People Team

Derek Harding

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Does that make
you shout 'HECK YES!'?

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