You wanna know whats cool……this email from @scoutmob

Every once in awhile I run across some cool email and this one is no exception.  I have admired Scoutmob business direction and their email program for quite awhile now.  Recently, I downloaded their mobile app which appears to be a strategic play for Scoutmob since they really do have a killer app.  Like anything you have to give your email address and I decided to link my online account with my mobile app and to my surprise I get the email below.  Before you see it, here is why its cool:

  1. The email came to my inbox within minutes, showing how effective timely communications can be.
  2. They are thanking me for downloading their app.  This is the first company, I have seen sending me a specific email thanking me for downloading their app. (BTW…Scoutmob sends you a welcome email after you sign up for their email program as well.
  3. BAM!!…they captured my email address during the sign up…so hopefully they will be able to tie my email, mobile and other email activity to my account…smart marketing.
  4. Check out how they show me how to use their email.  They provide a great explanation and on each button and leave it idiot proof
  5. They personalize it for me and its totally on brand in terms of the voice.
  6. I love the way they want to introduce you to the deals within the email:  A staff pick, A popular one and an expiring one.  These give me options, but not too many so as to overwhelm me.
  7. They give me a video link to learn more about their app and tell my why I should watch it since it is a different experience.
  8. There is some great social integration with FB, Twitter and Instagram going on with their virtual facial hair experience
  9. Last but not least…this email is funny.  Not off the wall, twisted funny, but funny in that most people will see the humor and understand it funny.

Most email experts will preach the need for a good welcome email/welcome series and brands should take note of ScoutMob’s mobile app welcome and draw some inspiration from it.

Are you seeing what I am seeing?  If so comment below.  If not, comment below.




2 comments on “You wanna know whats cool……this email from @scoutmob

  1. Anna Yeaman on

    Nice, also been a fan of their email creative for a how their stuff is scalable on mobile.


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